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level Up in business

Legal English


Speak with confidence + be clear

Be Persuasive and Perform the best way
you can

Win at your next Proposal, Sales Pitch, Presentation and Interview in Business,
Legal and General English

Restart Your success

with great tools in English

"Everyone is looking at me and I need to perform, sound and express myself professionally and fluently today".

Were you afraid to speak or write that important email?

Think back to a time when you were at a meeting or gave a presentation in English.

There were no words coming out of your mouth.


You have come to the right place!

Together, we can turn your frustration and embarrassment into feelings of confidence and success!

  • Improve your work performance and bottom-line results in-line with advancing in your career to support growth and culture trend.

  • I am your mentor-take my accent, tools and tips, to your next meeting, presentation and written platform.

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meet experience success: language leader expert

Personalized to your needs

Let's live the dream today!

Persuade, collaborate and present fluently.
Write, read and express business, legal and general English as a pro.


Presentations, webinars and workshops

I am passionate in providing you with high quality services, achieving your ultimate goal.

Sound convincing with the right  grammar, business or legal terms & vocabulary.

Communicate body and the global English language professionally and clearly.

Easy access to acquired online tools and tips.

Available designed material catered to your English needs.


Monitor your level of improvement combined with great study habits.



A number of tech executives in different setups told me to reach out to Vanessa, to improve my communication skills in presenting and lecturing in English plus to advance in my career. English is not my mother tongue. I was hesitant since I came across many “promising” methods, courses and “gurus” around this topic, none of which made a significant impact for me. Vanessa helped me to use the right terms, grammar, expressions, and body language. She identified the underlining psychological blockers that I had. I highly recommend any non-English native executive to speak with Vanessa and explore what can they improve in order to be more charismatic, succinct, transparent and convincing

Tuvia Rosenthal

Head of Product at Careem

(an urber company)

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