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Let's begin learning english

Start with your performance and how important it is to you?

Begin exercising those speaking muscles; turn that feeling: "Stuck and Embarrassed" to what I can do!

Change those difficult conversations into productive ones. The words aren't coming out, and I will work out a system that will meet your expectations, so you can sound professional at meetings and presentations.

Together we can find the time and get quick results when you write that email, report, resume and academic paper on time! 

I'm a generalist with a broad skill set across coaching, business development, project and customer success management and with 20 years of experience in the field of business education.  

Let's jump start that next project, deal and deadline together; I will help you set it up.

Let's live the dream today!
Speak, write and read like a pro.
052 890 9818

My Experience

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Actress and Drama Therapist

Performing in front of others taught me to believe in the person I want to be today; creative, insightful and sensitive to how, what and why I need to build meaningful relationships in business.


  • Post Graduate Diploma in Drama Therapy

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Language Leader Expert

Steps to Experience Success:

Student: "What can I do to feel more confident in writing formal emails and present in meetings on my own everyday?" 

Me: "Exercise your speaking muscles everyday, how can you do that?"

Start engaging on Social Media; comment and message people in groups and conversations on LinkedIn.

Listen to Ted Talks; hear other professionals speak and present formally.

Have someone you know who can answer your grammar questions in real time.

Who do you turn to for a quick grammar question?

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