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Experience present success

Image by Fab Lentz

What will be covered in this course:

4 sessions of 30 minutes 

  • Grammar Intro.

  • Relevant vocab/expressions-travel, business meetings, work related events/situations/tasks, small talk, interests, current news

  • Presentation, Read, Answer Questions, have a discussion on a relevant topic.

1. Modals: when can we use when speaking and writing: could/can, would/will, should, must/need to

2. Adverbs of frequency: let's measure our time, and how often do we do these things?

3. Present Simple: how do we know when to describe something, a location or someone? When can we talk about an action?

4. Present progressive with Present perfect: How can we talk about something that happens now, it is ongoing and in the near future? What tense do we use to talk about the past, present and future together?

Investment: ₪200.00

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