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Experience Grammar success introduction

Image by Vladislav Klapin

What will be covered in this course:

2x 30 minute sessions online/face to face (evaluate level-give feedback)

Introduction Part 1 Let's do business: Practice those speaking muscles, stuck at a meeting,

  1. Introductions: read the dialogue, grammar understanding, Present tense vs Present Perfect.
    a. Vocabulary and Expressions Tips, grammar understanding prepositions.
    b. Present a dialogue introduction.
    c. feedback from student Introduction

  2. Part 2 Let's do business at a meeting. Role-plays:
    a. What do we say if we are late at a meeting?
    b. Arriving at the meeting.
    c. What do you say to clarify or confirm something at a meeting? grammar understanding-past simple.
    d. Expressions/sentences meanings when finishing a meeting.
    e. 3 hacks-In and on, a business expression and word.
    f. Feedback from student with a quiz and a reward sticker will have their level and what group they can go into,

Investment: ₪100.00

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